Why Virginia Republicans will lose 2009 state and 2010 national races.

Is ‘Bash the Democrats’ a winning strategy for Republicans? I don’t think so … and its not going so well with voters either.

This is a ‘What would Reagan do?’ moment.

Just might we need some of those Democratic voters to vote our way?

But why would Democrats consider Republicans if they are all a bunch of namby-pamby socialist tax-and-spend intoxicated idiots?

Had lunch yesterday with a potential Republican candidate for a congressional seat in northern Virginia. Seems like the right guy for the job: bright, experienced, energetic, full of ideas. Has traditional conservative mindset and an open mind. I could vote for him.

But I’m not sure that I am ready to vote the Republican slate in Virginia. My prediction is that Virginia will select Republicans for local office (the devil we know) but Virginians are wary of voting for Republicans at state and national levels — which is amazing considering that Democrats were an endangered specie here just six years ago.

Back to my candidate — when I first met him he sent me a generic meet-and-greet background sheet on himself along with why I should consider voting for him.

Included as to his logic for my vote: “Democrats are poised to take our nation in a frightening new direction …”

We are certainly headed in a frightening new direction. And the Democrats are currently driving the bus. But the bus started veering off the road long ago … and the Democrat at the wheel got selected to drive because ‘We the People’ lost trust in the other guy, our guys.

Bashing Democrats is not a political logic that will bring voters our way. Republicans have often talked about running government like a business.  A great idea. Rule #1 of running a business (and I do) is that you need to offer products that customers want — Capitalism 101.

Republicans have had their chance with almost total control of American politics since 1994’s Contract With America … and used car dealers came off looking better for it.

If Republicans want your vote then they should work for it. They should tell both you and me why they are not just more of the same — and there is precious little evidence that more of the same is not being served up for 2009 and 2010.

Virginia Voters and 2009

Both Creigh Deeds (D) and Bob McDonnell (R), confirmed nominees for 2009’s governor election, have very similar positive and negative poll ratings. Virginians essentially trust them (D-59%, R-52%) and distrust (D-9%, R-8%) them the same.

On taxes, 44% trust McDonnell (R) to keep taxes under control, whereas 36% trust Deeds (D) to do this. An obvious Republican strength – we’re going to hack taxes at every opportunity.

Once you begin to talk about issues then favorability swings strongly towards the Democrats.

Issues like Transportation – the Dems have a 14-point lead (43% to 29%) over who is more likely to confront Virginia’s longstanding transportation problems. The challenge here is that Republicans seem stuck in being the anti-government candidate running for … running for government office: issues need plans; issues have nuance; plans have details.

For some interesting reading go visit the Virginia Republican state organization website and its news release section. Virginia Republicans have great plans ahead for us … or do they?

Bash the Democrats. BASH the Democrats. Talk smack about Democrats.

Then click the View More News link: more trash talking the Democrats.

If you visited the website, did you notice that there is not a single news release about Virginia Republican ideas, proposed study groups, point papers on the issues, and amazingly there is not a single recent news release that even identifies issues that Virginians care about and the state stance of the Republican Party.

Within the many press releases there is a special emphasis on the state’s governor Tim Kaine (AKA Democratic National Committee chairman). There are legitimate concerns.

Yet, 62% of Virginia voters approve of Virginia’s current Democratic governor … and one can surmise are generally happy with our state’s direction as well. Constantly bashing a popular governor, who is mostly guilty of being a good Democrat, is not a winning campaign strategy.

The Republican Party is hoping that elections in Virginia and New Jersey will revive the GOP.

Only the Republican Party can revive its future. That future starts with becoming a party of the people, by the people, and not just for some of the people. People want answers and accountability.

To the Republican Party of Virginia — tell us your grand vision for where we should be in 5-10 years. And how you propose us getting there. I’m Republican and have been for well over 30 years. I want to vote for you. But I also want to vote for something, and not just against someone.


Poll stats are from Rasmussen Reports.

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