Political Hero of the Day: Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) – Budget Buster

Kudos go out to Governor Tim Pawlenty for having the guts to make use of a little known Minnesota law called “Unallotment”.

Unallotment is best thought of as a budgetary line-by-line veto.

Rather than raise taxes by $1 billion per year to pay for an increase in the state’s budget he unallocated certain expenditures.

Governor Pawlenty’s move will cause pain but it should also be lauded for tough love leadership.

This has earned him the ire of state religious leaders, municipal councils and state lawmakers. It probably will make him somewhat unpopular with the state’s citizenry that find some of their favorite programs cut back.

His actions should also be a signal that it is time for the U.S. federal government to finally pass the line item veto. Congress will not take action on its own to cut back on spending — regardless of the party. So let the president be the bad guy. If the president goes overboard in making cuts then Congress should be able to override the veto as it does all other.

It’s time to get serious about debt.

Thank you Governor Pawlenty for leading the way.

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