Ultra Conservative Republicans Consider Townhalling “Unprincipled Republicans” in 2010 Races.

Richard Viguerie of ConservativeHQ.com urges Republican candidates to use protest tactics learned from TEA Party events against “unprincipled Republicans” in the 2010 primaries.

Viguerie is explicit: “More specifically, conservatives can (and should) use these protest tactics in primary contests where a conservative Republican is challenging a moderate/liberal Republican.”

Since town hall events may not predominate the campaign style of various candidates, Viguerie conservatives are urged to “… hit these unprincipled politicians where it hurts, and that is by dogging them along the campaign trail.  Protesting outside of scheduled speaking events, where local media is sure to be, is a great way to call attention to your message.”

So what is a principled Republican or conservative? Not defined. But it seems that having the endorsement of the conservative Club for Growth is one sign that you are an acceptable candidate. And undoubtedly having Viguerie’s endorsement, as well.

This is all madness, of course. I am conservative and I find it repugnant that someone is actually urging fratricide among fellow Republicans.

Worse yet, there is no call for rallying the troops around pursuit of a common agenda or actual set of principles. Just harassment.

Townhalling Republican candidates is not acceptable.

When harrassment of fellow Republicans  deemed not worthy enough of Vigueries’s endorsement are targeted for townhall-style chaos then the Republicans will repeat the losses of 2006 and 2008.

As a long-standing conservative I will be leery of any candidate actually receiving Vigueries’ endorsement.

If we want to win in 2010 then Ronald Reagan’s call to “speak no evil” of a fellow Republican must be our guiding principle. That and debate based upon persuasion of America to trust us and to give us its vote.

Source: “Leverage: Hit Them Where it Hurts in 2010”, CHQ Staff , http://conservativehq.com/blog_post/show/363

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One response to “Ultra Conservative Republicans Consider Townhalling “Unprincipled Republicans” in 2010 Races.

  1. We should sponsor some cage matches… get it over with, right?

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