Maryland Republicans: $703 In The Bank & No Plan for 2010

Being a curmudgeon, I tend to be a bit grumpy about politics.

I’m not a good cheerleader. I believe that too much cheerleading leads to failure to look both ways when crossing the road … and when that happens: Splat!

It also bothers me greatly when there is no apparent sense of introspection as to how one got whereever they are.

Up in Maryland, the state Republican Party is running on fumes with $703 in their bank account per the last public accounting, and they have yet to publicly name  a single figure as probably running for state office in 2010.

In the last two elections Maryland Republicans encountered a real smackdown by voters. Republicans now hold only 36 of 141 seats in the House of Delegates and 14 of 47 in the Senate.  At national level, Maryland Republicans have just one house member.

State Republicans seem to be of two minds:  one group believes that it can capitalize on President Obama’s falling poll numbers, and the turbulence caused by the health care debate. That’s it? No call to action? No state initiatives? No ‘Maryland of Tomorrow’ vision? Bang Obama and hope people think that is worthy of their vote?

The second mindset is represented by Vincent Pacelli,  running for county commissioner in Carroll, “I think success should be defined not necessarily by who’s in Annapolis but by what happens at the local level.”  Carroll County is one of the very few Republican counties in the state (51% of registered voters).

How refreshing. I could like Vincent Pacelli. Compete on ideas and show that Republicans understand what the voters want by dealing with realworld local issues.

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