Rep. Alan Grayson, D-FL … Bold, Outspoken, Idealistic … But Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) recently went to floor of the House of Representatives and shared his frustrations that the Republicans were taking potshots at President Obama and the different emerging health care plans that are being worked on, without actually offering any real plan of their own.

Grayson called the Republican health care plans for America a blank sheet of paper.

Grayson summed up the Republican plan, as compared to the Democratic plans which you can read:

  • Don’t get sick.
  • And if you do get sick … die quickly.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Admittedly the Republicans really do NOT have a plan, and probably could not agree on a plan endorsed by a majority of Republican legislators even if they were to convene an intraparty summit.

The challenge for Republicans is that many do not see the need to discuss any kind of mandated national health care plan.

There are many reasons as to why Republicans reject a national fix to health care: states rights, personal responsibility, national debt, unmanageable bureaucracy, costs almost always exceed expectations, creation of a “right” not in the constitution, failure to address tort reform (which they never could bring themselves to do, either) and others.

Republicans are not without ideas (see Republican Health Care Proposals – Republicans do care. A great many just do not believe that another federal bureaucracy is the answer.

So Congressman Grayson, you are correct to believe that the Republicans are dragging their feet and being purposely uncooperative. And you have both the right and the responsibility to shepherd through whatever legislation you believe is appropriate on whatever issue you believe needs attention. But do not assume that you have a clue as to why your political opposition is not holding your hand and singing Kumbaya on health care.

BTW – what we really need is health care reform. There are an incredible number of issues which would benefit Americans and attract bipartisan support. The bungled approach that produced the bloated health care proposal coming out of Washington is just not what America needs. Yet, instead of turning this into a win-win situation, all sides have become bitterly partisan. Since your party has the majority then you have a special responsibility to be adults on this issue.

Furthermore, I don’t want an apology from you — civility will do. And I’ll encourage my side to also take the path of civility as well. That’s a lot to wish for at this point. Luckily I believe in miracles.

View Rep Grayson’s remarks and judge yourself.

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