The GOP vs. Labor Law — Tough Words From The Wall Street Journal

From the Wall Street Journal, October 15, 2009:

“The signature achievement of the late Republican ascendancy was government failure. Regulators scaled back enforcement. Agencies were filled with former lobbyists.”

“It worked superbly for the party’s supporters, but not so well for the rest of us. And today, though the GOP has paid for its sins at the polls, it is still playing the same game.”

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=== Bill4DogCatcher sez ===

When the Wall Street Journal takes you to task for something like this then you know that you have crossed the line.

On its face this seems to be another case of conservative Republicans taking the side of business against the average worker.

The real question is whether the Republican(s) behind this really cares more about business profits or workers’ ability to make a decent wage.

The problem seems to be something called “Wage Watch”, which encourages employees to report labor law violations and provides a means to effectively do just that.

Sen. Mike Enzi, Republican of Wyoming, is so upset that he placed a “hold” on the nomination of M. Patricia Smith as solicitor of the U.S. Department of Labor. The practical effect of this maneuver is that it will require 60 votes in the Senate to win confirmation.

More information on this issue:

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— Find more info by using this Google search.

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