Send in the clones. Why Ron Paul & clones are the last great hope for the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party had just 25 more Ron Pauls we would be a saner, better party …  it would actually be a political party of ideas and debate.

Back during ther summer, there was talk of “civil war” within the party. That was especially a favorite term of some ultra-conservatives like Governor Rick Perry in Texas.

Then these “civil war” Republicans got invited to TEA parties and all sorts of things so that they could strut their revolutionary stuff. Most of them ran for the hills. They didn’t really want a civil war. They just wanted the other parts of the party to sit down and to shut up — or better yet, to just leave.

However, Republicans have morphed a lot from the summer of 2009 and their reactionarism (June/July) to then being revolutionary (August/September) and are now balkanized (Oct).

Problem #1: National Republican leadership is almost non-existent. We have the equivalent of the Siegfried Line as national party strategy in which we are incapable of effective counterattack. We are locked behind our own lines. Our defense IS our attack as we have fortified our battlelines behind a nearly monolithic party line vote in Congress.

Problem #2: The Democrats don’t care about our strategy. They do not need to breech our lines to win the war. As for probing for weaknesses in the line we are doing that already for the Democrats.

Almost weekly 2 or 3 Republicans are pilloried as RINOs — and to what end? It weakens the wall further as the opponent on the other side is much less dreaded than the self-appointed commissars of political purity that are running amuck in their effort to cleanse the party and to prepare for the Gottdammerung battles of 2010 and 2012.

Problem #3: There are those within our ranks that are preparing for their own defection. They are setting up the scenarios that will let them slide out through the flanks and justify their own survival by reinventing themselves. Internal balkanization will surely follow the cliques that have formed.

Problem #4: Denial remains rampant as to how the Republican Party got to where it is today. This is where Ron Paul comes into the picture.

While I do not agree with everything proposed by Ron Paul, he is undoubtedly one of the very few truthsayers in the Republican Party today. I trust Ron Paul a lot more than I do the national Republican leadership.

Ron Paul has never been a go-along, get-along Republican. More important is that Ron Paul has principles. (They all say they do — but constant voting along party lines negates the existence of having principles).

Unlike some of our party leadership that will defend their principles when forced to, or when it seems politically a way to reinforce the ol’Siegfried, Ron Paul has taken very strong and specific stands on issues of national importance. He has largely lived his principles … and not just when it is politicaly convenient to do so.

The Future & Two Predictions

Republicans are hoping to hold their Siegfried Line until 2010 when they expect (are praying for) a huge groundswell of disappointment with the Obama Administration that will cause them to make gains in Congress. History says that this is possible. However, some data that I am looking at says that the trends of history may fail us this time around, because we have not learned the lessons of history: if you repeatedly get run over then maybe YOU have a problem. Stop blaming the other guy.

In preparation for 2010 some ultra-conservative Republicans are toying with the idea of a third party.

This third party idea is playing out right now in the battle for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. The local Republican Party picked a candidate that they thought would do well in battle against whomever the Democrats put up. The 23rd has traditionally voted Republican, and is now only one of three congressional districts in New York with a Republican representative. In the last election the district went madly Democratic. Reality on the ground is that the New York Republican leadership looked for someone that appealed to New Yorkers, someone along the lines of Dede Scozzafava, a fiscally responsibile yet social liberal Republican … and that’s when the fight started.

Doug Hoffman, who remains a registered Republican and is not even a resident of District 23 (he lives in the 20th District, but this doesn’t matter in New York) chose to run under the flag of the New York Conservative Party. The battle has been ferocious.

New York Republicans are generally lining up behind Scozzafava. Even Newt Gingrich has endorsed and campaigned for Scozzafava.

Yet, the battle of the 23rd District was joined on October 22nd by Sarah Palin reinforcing the candidacy of Doug Hoffman. So now we have a state-level party that is on its last legs in an attempt to remain players by electing Republicans and then a balkanized civil war breaks out.

This is all good stuff for the Democrats who may well now claim the 23rd District for the first time since 1993.

Sarah Palin said back in July 2009 that she planned to support candidates in elections based upon their beliefs and not on their party label. Kudos to Palin for having said and then doing what she said. The question really is whether this balkanization strategy is really just a prelude to her setting the stage for a 2012 independent run. (I can see Sarah Palin also as the Republican nominee, but only if about half the Republican Party becomes Democrats, and independent voters aren’t needed to win).

The economy will stablize during 2010, the Obama Administration will finally seem to get its act together and the Democrats will do well enough in the 2010 elections that they maintain or even gain slightly in Congress. 2010 will finish with the Democrats maintaining the ability to push through whatever bills they wish. (Lucky for us foodfights are common among Democrats so only half of what they would like to do has a chance.)

We Republicans will remain somewhat grumpily but comfortably behind the supposed safety of our Siegfried Line stewing in our own sauerkraut as we try to figure out what to do next for 2012.

2011 will be a very hurtful year for the American economy. We have staggering amounts of foreign debt that will be due. Tax receipts will have fallen and government services will be on the chopping block, unless we raise the national debt limit (No. No. No. Please, no!). 2010 will have proven to be a jobless recovery although we will have adjusted enough in our spending habits and lifestyle to make do. The U.S. dollar will finally fall from grace as the international reserve currency and that will unleash hell upon us.

So what about Ron Paul?

With exception of the few remaining New England Republicans, the thoughtful attempts by Lindsey Graham and John McCain to find some middle path and to create a national conversation, there is largely only Ron Paul actually talking about issues without following the lowest denominator approach of say nothing, take no risks that is the Boehner-McConnell party line.

Ron Paul is important because his libertarian approach provides principles upon which many in the party should look to if we are to be a real party. We must challenge our leadership. We must refuse the vote the party line just because it is a thorn in the Democrats side as we are trying to buy time.

The forces of Gottdammerung approach and we will only be a successful party once we can openly discuss and openly disagree and openly challenge the orthodoxy of whatever we were/mostly still are.

Some conversaton is happening but only as the forces of balkanization now attempt to write George Bush off as a “Deformed Conservative”. Those who enabled him are also “deformed conservatives” per a recent American Conservative magazine article.

Umm, has anyone noticed that all of those “deformed conservatives” are largely still in power, except for Bush and Cheney? It would be nice to expand the conversation a bit beyond just whom we wish to blame our defeats upon. A constant state of denial should not be a worthy political principle to aspire to.

We need more Ron Pauls because his embrace of libertarian principles makes it possible for the Republican Party to once again become a party of debate and ideas. Ron Paul has repeatedly spoken loudly if only through the votes that he has cast while in Congress.

Ron Paul and similar minds are the last great hope for the Republican Party because we desperately need an ethos of open minds, forceful disagreement, and principled discussions. Just 25 such Republicans would make all the difference between now and the great fracturing of a balkanized Republican Party in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

And to my “moderate” friends

And for moderates — you need to find some principles quick. Being “moderate” or “centrist” is a mode. If you keep standing in the middle of the road whining that no one is stopping to give you a kiss … then you are just going to get your arse run over. Become a liberal, libertarian or conservative or whatever, but get some principles and go with it. Defend them. Live them. Be “moderate” when it comes to time to work out agreement but please stop standing in the middle of the road.

Best regards,



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4 responses to “Send in the clones. Why Ron Paul & clones are the last great hope for the Republican Party.

  1. Joseph A. Cummins

    I don’t see the harm that you do in keeping with Republican Pary-line votes in Congress. As I see it, the Republican Party, like the Dems when they lost big time, are still in the thros of trying to find themselves. Since the Conservatives left the Repubs…that is turning out to be a traumatic and more difficult experience for the party leaders. They really don’t have any principles to fall back on to shore up their base. They are….at a loss for words, ideas, and plans. Leftists, Centrists, and Right wingers ALL are a natural phenom in every political party….and have their parts to play. I doubt the Republicans CAN recover, because without the conservatives, they have nothing on which to pull the party together.

    I agree with your predictions, and see a dark future ahead….we’ve not seen the worst this economic fiasco has yet to deliver.

    As for Ron Paul….I’ve not made up my mind about the fellow, as yet.

    I will vote for Bill for Dog Catcher in the upcoming election.

  2. wdgoldenic

    Voting the party line is a good defense temporarily.

    The problem is that individual Republican legislators are under great pressure to verbally support the party line, too.

    And if you voted for something because it was good for the party, but you still disagreed with it, then you are a flipflopper nonetheless.

    There are powerful natural allies in the Democratic Party — the Blue Dogs. If more Republicans made the effort to participate and to have real debate about healthcare reform then the place to do battle was in the Senate Finance Committee. Instead of having to convince more than a few like in the House, only a few votes needed to be swayed in the Senate.

    We could have had some real reform: tort, cross-state mandatory sells of policy, guarantees of non-cancellation once a person gets sick if they are already insured, etc. Instead we voted the party line and our Blue Dog friends had to ask themselves: go with the Party of “No” or with them what brung you to the dance, but what aren’t going to beat you with an ugly stick if you disagree with them.

    An easy choice.

    Unlike the Republicans and the charge of being RINO, there is no one running around the Democratic Party threatening to cancel your color of the rainbow just because you didn’t vote a particular way.

    Thanks also for your vote as Dog Catcher. I walk both of mine daily and they are enough for me at this time.

  3. Joseph A. Cummins

    I beg to differ. It does no good for the GOP to beat itself up trying to engage the Dems in dialogue when they vote the Dem party line. Dems won’t engage the GOP, so why bother. GOP gets locked out of committee rooms, etc. Also, “In a “Dear Colleague” letter sent to the press and to House Dems last week, House Repub. Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R.-Ga) said that “in light of public assertions that House Repubs have offered no solutions for healthcare reform, he was distributing a directory of healthcare solutions that have been offered by members of the RSC. According to Price, the directory now includes more that 40 bills that bave been offered by RSC member this year alone.” (Methinks Obama Lied about this very issue during his speech to Congress). Also, have you not noticed what happens to any Dem that voices opposition/disagreement to the Obama Socialista agenda? They’re immediately targeted and told to shut up/change their views, or suffer the consequences. Just sayin.

    • Dems also vote the party line; statistically they vote the party line slightly more than Reps.

      However, Dems don’t need Rep votes. And the Reps need to grow their numbers.

      As for Rep Tom Price (R-GA), the world works in a certain way and he knows it. Bills needs to be coming out of committee by mid-to-late July and the Republicans didn’t even submit H.R. 3400 for consideration until July 30th or 31st. One source that I have says that Republicans submitted at least 142 proposals and then failed to vote for a single one when given the chance. No sympathy for excuse makers and obstructionists.

      The little games being played is like a small child that limited ability to impact the outcome. Somehow they think that if they annoy you enough that magic will happen. Sometimes it does. When the Dems have enough votes to ignore you then magic doesn’t happen, you do indeed get ignored.

      As for how the White House treats/doesn’t treat dissenting Democrats, I stand by my earlier statement. The 42-45 conservative Blue Dog Democrats have been far more effective than all the Republicans combined in trying to do the right thing.

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