Did Newt Neuter Himself?

Newt Gingrich is held in less esteem than Sarah Palin. Among voters in general, and among Republicans.

His involvement in NY-23 was principled — he supported the primacy of the New York Republican party to pick its own candidates — but … Sarah Palin is now held in higher regard.

Per the most recent Gallup Poll, 33% of Americans would “seriously consider supporting” Sarah Palin for president. Only 29% would support Newt.

Within Republicana, Palin again beats Newt 65% to 60%.

Gallup found that Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney hold the edge, although their lead is so small as to be inconsequential.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2009-11-05-gop-poll_N.htm#table

This blog by Bill Golden, Bill4DogCatcher.com, an independent fed up with party politics but friendly to the concept of smaller government, maximum personal freedoms, Main Street over Wall Street, fiscal responsibility and community first.


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  1. Bill,

    Both you and your readers might want to consider joining my brand-new Centrists Group at Linked In and the new Centrists Twibe at Twitter.

    All bona fide Centrists welcome, no matter their formal political affiliation. Flamers, bots, propagandists, and clandestine political operatives are not!

    All best,


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