Newt Gingrich Predicts Rightwing & Ultra-Conservatives Will Torpedo GOP – 2010 & 2012 Elections

In a recent POLITICO interview, Newt Gingrich’s outlook was “If we get into a cycle where there are tea parties and there are conservative third-party candidates, we will make Pelosi speaker for life”.

A quote sure to make Newt himself a target of the rightwing: “… it’s equally clear that you can’t be a rightwing party and govern the country.”

So far the evidence behind Gingrich’s comments:

  • Connecticut: Former Representative Rob Simmons is aiming for the senate. Expect a third party conservative candidate.
  • Florida: Charlie Crist would probably cruise to a comfortable win in his bid for the senate against any Democract. Within the party he is being challenged by Marco Rubio, conservative and well to the right of Crist; and Rubio would make a good choice for mainstream conservatives which predominate Florida’s Republican voters. The TEA Party is now an officially recognized party in Florida. Both the TEA Party and the Club for Growth are expected to support Rubio whether he is Republican or goes independent.The Florida TEA Party ( is staking out both a very libertarian and states rights approach to its political agenda. Expect it to be popular in northern Florida and among the Cuban-American population.
  • Illinois: Mark Kirk is aiming for the senate. Expect a third party conservative candidate, or for him to be the target of the rightwing.
  • Minnesota: No political party has a firm foothold here. The Minnesota Independence Party is considered a “major” party with the chance to win state offices. When Tim Pawlenty steps down to run for president, look for the following independents to step on the state: David Olson, Peter Bell and Jack Uldrich. Independents are set to possibly take the governorship as well as a number of other offices.
  • Ohio: Steve Stivers narrowly lost to a Democrat (2100 +/- votes) in 2008’s election. Stivers has announced that we will run again in 2010; unfortunately he is considered RINO and it is expected that social conservative Don Elijah Eckhart and Libertarian Mark M. Noble will also run; each ran in 2008 and pulled 9% of the vote. A bare knuckles anti-RINO campaign could pull in even more votes in 2010. Stivers has not endeared himself to the rightwing with quotes like: “We’ve got to start some checks and balances against the extremes in government. There are extremes on both sides.”
  • Virginia: Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello expects a tough relection fight but the probable Republican candidate must compete with a conservative third party candidate focused more on defeating RINOs than Democrats.

Look for independent candidate challenges in California, Kentucky and New Hampshire … and even more the closer we get to 2010.


This blog by Bill Golden,, an independent fed up with party politics but friendly to the concept of smaller government, maximum personal freedoms, Main Street over Wall Street, fiscal responsibility and community first.


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