Jobs | Finding Jobs in Nearby Communities. How to Identify Opportunities.

You should expect that the job market will remain tight through late 2012 or into 2013.

When jobs drop in your community then you should look to other communities in your region. This is just common sense — but often easier said than done.

Researching jobs in other communities can be difficult, starting with the question of which communities have jobs.

My advice is to make use of the trends data made available by the U.S. Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The amount of data provided by the BLS can be both daunting and dense to find and to understand. However, there is a graphical clickable map that will quickly help you find current trends data about your community.

Just click the map below to jump to the BLS’s live version.

Once you select an area on the map you will jump to a page of statistics about your state. The nearby community information that you really want is at the bottom of the page.

Even in this bad economy you can sometimes find happy surprises. For example, Roanoke, Virginia’s unemployment rate has actually improved since May 2009.

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Get more info: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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