Death to Gays says Ugandan Christian Church

In spring of 2009 three American clergy visited Uganda to help its churches seek revival and to specifically discuss “the threat homosexuals posed to Bible-based values and the traditional African family”.

These three American evangelical Christian pastors were headlined as American experts on homosexuality.

One month later, the aftermath of their visit was a rather literal interpretation of one of their messages: ‘…the wages of sin are death’. Almost immediately calls went out for homosexuals to be put to death. To be put to death by law.

The American pastors identified what they believe to be a cause of Uganda’s raging problem with AIDS/HIV: homosexuals; even though the evidence is that most Ugandan carriers are heterosexual and infected through infidelity.

Now in early 2010, with church support, a law has been proposed that anyone that knows a homosexual and does not turn them in will be imprisoned.

I am not gay. I do not understand homosexuality. Yet it is not for us to impose God’s judgment, if there is any judgment even due.

The way I see it: if God actually has a plan for each of us and is our creator then we are are all his children. When Jesus brought the good news and taught on the mount, Jesus extended God’s grace to all. We should too. We are all God’s children.

Words matter. If the wages of sin are death then there are several lists of deadly sin in the Bible … but as Jesus taught us: ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’

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One response to “Death to Gays says Ugandan Christian Church

  1. Terence Johnson

    I am gay and appreciate your support on this subject. The vast majority of American’s do not know about this proposed bill. But what can we expect, we just now passed a hate crimes bill that includes crimes against gay’s. Once again thank you for your post and understanding.

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