Tea Party Effect On Texas Republican Primary Elections: “More flash than bang” and “A weak brew.”

Eleven Republican incumbents had Tea Party challengers in the recent elections in Texas.

Ten of the eleven Tea Party challengers went down to defeat. Incumbent Republican State Rep. Tommy Merritt lost to Tea Party challenger David Simpson, running as a Republican.

James Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, commented after analyzing Tea Party candidates and voting results: “there was a lot more flash than bang.”

Most Tea Party candidates were soundly defeated with incumbents garnering 80% of the votes in most cases.

The highest level of votes received was 19% by Debra Medina in her bid as the Republican candidate for governor.

Rep. Kay Granger, a Fort Worth Republican and seven-term incumbent, received 70 percent even though Tea Partyers specifically targeted her as being a probable win for them. Granger got 70 percent of the vote despite having two opponents.

Texas 2010 primary elections had a record turnout with 1.4 million Republicans casting votes, almost double that of 2008.

Bill4DogCatcher sez: There were some local races where Tea Partyers won. Ultimately local candidates have to discuss local issues. How you fill potholes and pay for it requires some level of specificity. Tea Partyers either have answers or they don’t. Some did.

However, raging against Washington when you really don’t have a plan of your own obviously doesn’t sell well. Rage may get lots of attention in front of cameras at town hall meetings but we don’t want to elect angry people. If ultraconservative Texas is any indication, Americans continue to prefer the devil it already has rather than vote for rage and a set of fuzzy political beliefs that do not seem to point to any definable sense of what it all means as public policy.



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  1. Texas Heat

    Cool post! How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one? I can tell you put some work in.

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