Coffee Or Tea? They Have Lots In Common!

Watch CBS Interview of Coffee and TEA Party Representatives Online

The Coffee Party may have started as a reaction to the Tea Party, but the two movements share common goals, representatives of both groups said today on “Washington Unplugged.” They can even agree that a little shouting every now and then is tolerable.

TEA Party co-chairs Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin plus Coffee Party spokesperson Alan Alborn met with CBS moderator John Dickerson for a joint interview and exchange of ideas on March 17th, 2010.

Alan Alborn, a spokesperson for the Coffee Party, said that his movement similarly feels “we’re not being heard, we’re under-represented, and we don’t have an outlet to share our issues.” And while the Coffee Party may seem like a “liberal” version of the Tea Party, “the fact is, everybody’s welcome,” said Alborn, who identifies as a fiscally conservative independent.

“We’re focused on obeying the law and being nonviolent,” added Tea Party co-chair Jenny Beth Martin. “Loud voices don’t necessarily mean anything but ‘listen to me.'”

Watch the full exchange below, as well as a preview of CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s CBS Evening News report on the so-called “Slaughter rule”.


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One response to “Coffee Or Tea? They Have Lots In Common!

  1. sowhatelseisnew

    In response to anyone’s claiming that “loud voices don’t mean anything necessarily but listen to me” (Jenny Beth Martin co-chair of the Tea Party), nothing could be further from the truth. Loud voices are usually the last resort, and sometimes the only resort, of those who cannot wage a coherent argument.

    One of the interesting things for me about the Healthcare issue, is that people like Paul Broun of Georgia John Boehner of Ohio are wont to say that the people of this country do not want healthcare reform. It’s been at least 40 years and the problem is not getting any better and any incremental approach as the Republicans would like to see will only prolong the pain and find more and more people left in the cold with out adequate coverage. This is an appropriate place for the government to nsert itself and level out the Health insurance field.

    Paul Broun is an M.D. from my state of Georgia who I believe has sold his sole to the health insurance industry. He has offered no valuable fixes for the healthcare crisis and has become part of the fear-mongering that has become the stepchild of this whole debate (to be generous).

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