Coffee Party wants Conservative opinions. How to give yours!

The Coffee Party wants your opinion.

Yesterday I met one-on-one with Annabel Park for more than an hour. Annabel is one of the Coffee Party principal founders.

We discussed a wide range of topics, and how conservatives view the Coffee Party.

Yes, I know that some folks are working hard to say that the Coffee Party is just a conspiracy to distract Americans by getting them to talk to each other civilly, or that George Soros (or pick your favorite boogeyman) is pulling the strings.

However, I’ve met with the Coffee Party founders three or four times over the last week — and I don’t believe that my conservative credentials or beliefs can be questioned: I oppose Obamacare, want term limits, want a balanced budget constitutional amendment, am an NRA-card carrying gunowner, and I’ve served my country in uniform for 20+ years. I  still serve my country.

Since our one-on-one, Annabel and I have spoken several times. She wants to know what YOU think.


Participants in Coffee Party meetings could just yada, yada, yada all day long … and with free refills that does indeed happen … but that doesn’t mean that anything gets said that can be portrayed as a trend, or as what a group of people actually believe.

To better understand areas of agreement, disagreement — and even topics without any apparent patterns of agreement at all — the Coffee Party is using something called the ‘Coffee Sphere’.

The Coffee Sphere sits on the homepage at — below is what the ‘sphere’ looks like. sez: It may look like a poll or a survey, but it is much, much more. The sphere collects opinions and groups them within categories such as self-described “liberal” or “conservative” or “very conservative”. It gives folks a chance to represent their group values.

So what do conservatives believe, not believe, and agree upon?  I encourage you to make your voice heard by taking the  Coffee Sphere experience. Learn more about how the sphere works and how it correlates your opinion with other folks’ thoughts.

Shy? Don’t give your real name or email address; just take the sphere and signup as your favorite cartoon character or whatever.



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