Why Conservatives are losing at the ballot box — despite being the largest political group in America.

One of my blogger pals, that is to my left somewhat, was having fun with some folks that wanted a more conservative tone. So she advertised that conservatives should go visit Bill4DogCatcher.

It is always nice to get free advertising. Thanks!

Some did come. Some found homes here. One apparently visited and then went back to the blog that was too liberal for them (Moonhowlings.net) and sniffed that Bill4DogCatcher was a RINO and that I sounded like a collectivist.

I am no RINO as I am not Republican. I am a devout “former” Republican. I vote the issue and I vote for individuals. To me political parties bring only partyline approaches to the marketplace of ideas. Since I believe in free markets then political parties make me nauseous.

A collectivist? Really? Me? An anti-individual? Putting group before self or individuals? Me?

Collectivism is any moral, political, or social outlook, that emphasizes the interdependence of every human in some collective  group and the priority of group goals over individual goals. Collectivists focus on community and society, and seek to give priority to group rights over individual rights.

There are indeed issues where I believe government has a role — when the ‘free market’ isn’t competitive.

When we send $475 billion dollars overseas each year, often to politically or socially hostile places, in exchange for oil then something is wrong. When Brazil can figure out how to become energy independent through synthetic fuels and we can’t — then something is wrong.

I support the Pickens Plan for how we should get off our energy dependence on oil. The Pickens Plan is focused on the future and puts America first.

Most energy companies aren’t backing the Pickens Plan because it takes work, investment and it takes them developing energy sources that they can’t get cheaply overseas. They would develop alternative sources if ‘we the people’ paid them to do it — but that would be corporate welfare. Within the U.S., they are willing to drill-baby-drill for oil if ‘we the people’ give away our rights to land and get none of the profits — but that too is corporate welfare.

If we are going to be involved in corporate welfare then I want something better today rather than later.

Conservatives are losing at the polls because they have substituted broadbrush political name calling for actual competition in the marketplace of ideas.

Ummm, I just ran out of issues where I might be a collectivist.

A Bill4DogCatcher note to my conservative and right-wing friends:  it is a very sad commentary that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative but conservatives cannot win the majority of elections. We only need to convince 11% to vote with us. How hard can that be?

Reality is that conservatives are also rejecting conservatives at the polls.

How can it be that you and me reject you and me?

Stop. Think. How can it be that  conservatives, who are statistically the largest political group in America cannot win elections?

Forty (40%) percent of Americans consider themselves ‘conservative’. Only 21% self-identify as liberal. Moderates make up 35%. Four percent are confused. Yet you/we/us can’t win at the polls?!

Conservatives are stumbling at the ballot box because they are not competing on ideas and applying their philosophy to realworld problems.

Conservatives — stop being knotheads. Reject the anger and hyper-name calling of the right wing. We’ve been hijacked. We can’t win because people claiming to be conservatives are so busy badmouthing all the folks in the middle that just want a workable solution — and we can’t win because many folks (like myself) that wear conservative bumperstickers refuse to vote for knotheads. We are all Americans: left, right or center.

Conservatives – you want free markets in the marketplace of ideas? You got it. Free markets require that you sell and I buy. There is a reason “conservatives” keep getting booted out on their ass lately — refusal to compete for votes. Get on with it or goodbye.

Gallup Poll, “Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group, http://www.gallup.com/poll/120857/conservatives-single-largest-ideological-group.aspx

Bill Golden is Bill4DogCatcher.com, a politically independent observer of economics, politics and human resource issues. Bill”s day job is as CEO of IntelligenceCareers.com — supporting U.S. military and intelligence operations 24/7 across the USA and around the world in 21 countries.


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One response to “Why Conservatives are losing at the ballot box — despite being the largest political group in America.

  1. That’s a good explanation. The more knucklehead talk I hear, the further left I go..and I am not comfortable there for the most part.

    Too many conservatives have been seduced by cultural warrior issues. Darwin, School prayer, reproductive rights, church state issues just don’t need to be the albatross around a conservative’s neck.

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