Political Activism & Debate – Ways To Get Your Message Across

Ways to make your views known:

  • CONTACT – Call/write/meet members of congress, your local government, and your chamber of commerce: business funds change.
  • WRITE – Write letters to political, social and community organizations. Send letters to the editor to your local newspapers. Keep it brief. Keep it focused: ‘I am writing to you about ____’. Be helpful; offer facts and policy ideas.
  • SUPPORT – Did someone make a hard situation that you liked? Send a note of thank you or congratulations. Decisionmakers need to know that someone appreciates all the Tums that they eat.
  • ONLINE – Online activism, in chat rooms and forums. Start your own website. Email articles to friends. Facebook it, Ning it and use other social networking tools — avoid getting into arguments. Once the mud starts slinging then only the pigs are happy.
  • HELP – Help advocacy groups and political campaigns.
  • CALL – Call radio talk shows.
  • LIVE – Have a life. Don’t make politics your life. Let people see you as a person. Have stories that make you human.

Debating tactics

  • BREATHE– Pace yourself, be patient but consistent and firm.
  • CREDIBILITY – Never state facts without sources. Use credible sources.
  • BELIEVABILITY – Never exaggerate or misrepresent facts.
  • SLEAZE – Never resort to the sleazy tactics used by the opposition. It makes you look desperate and like a loser. America dislikes losers.
  • PREPARATION – Never start or enter a debate without knowledge of the issue.
  • CONFIDENCE – Never retreat when you know you are right. Finish with a firm statement and display confidence.
  • FOCUS – Never allow the opposition to draw you off subject.
  • OUTRAGEOUS – Never underestimate the power of a lie or propaganda; don’t let it go unanswered. Don’t assume people won’t believe it.
  • RESPECT – Never act, talk or conduct yourself in a manner that diminishes or brings disrespect to your cause.

Adapted from Political Activists Online


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