Why Glenn Beck (on TV) Makes Me Crazy

My problem with Glenn Beck is that he has a 3 step formula:

#1 – Beck focuses your attention on a problem.
#2 – Then Beck obfuscates reality with what seems to be an academic discussion and beaucoup facts, many are pseudo facts.
#3 – Once Beck has you thinking then he often goes in a different direction by telling you who is to blame for all these problems … and in doing so he conveniently focuses on a select group of individuals using lots of labels like socialist, marxist, etc. Having synchronized your mind with a problem statement and supposedly supportive debate and data,¬† once Beck has you completely in agreement that a problem exists and that we need to hold someone responsible (someone that he has provided as a target), then his program runs out of time without identifying a solution.

Beck has identified himself as just an entertainer. I think not. Entertainment is a throwaway commodity. Entertainment is inconsequential in dealing with problems of life. Beck’s effect on American society is not inconsequential.

It is OK for him to make lots of money. That’s cool. I’m a firm believer in capitalism.

However, the all important consequence of what Glenn Beck is doing is that he is creating doubt in the very basis of our government. He is undermining almost any hope of progress.

As a conservative, I find that Beck’s approach (and certainly Rush Limbaugh’s philosophy on politics, too, among others) creates major problems: if no one is to be trusted in government then why do conservatives deserve a chance to govern? Does ‘govern’ mean anything?

As a conservative, I find Beck’s pseudo-intellectualism is actually keeping people from ‘thinking’ … sure, he makes people think, but he has them focused on being mad at someone, and not on being problem solvers.

When someone like Utah’s Senator Bennett is attacked as being a RINO and not conservative enough — yet has an ACU ranking score of 84 — then we have reached a point where no one has any credibility left. Much of the destruction of trust can be laid at the feet of Beck (and Limbaugh and others).

Beck is actually killing the chance that any sort of repeat of a Reagan Revolution will happen.


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4 responses to “Why Glenn Beck (on TV) Makes Me Crazy

  1. George S. Harris

    Bill–You have hit the nail right on the head. Why would anyone want to give him their money or lend credence to what he has to say by claiming that he is, afterall, just an “entertainer” or that what he says must be right because look how much money he makes. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker made a lot of money also. And all those other TV evangelists who got caught with their hand in someone’s pants not the cookie jar. If you don’ t mind, I would like to post you comment on my FB page with due credit to you.

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  3. Mike S

    I’ve found Glenn Beck to be the sort of person who is not satisfied until the root of a cause is found out. He is an investigator, and has the ability to entertain while searching for answers.

    If you find yourself hating those whose deeds he uncovers, look to yourself, and not to Glenn. Glenn is an informer, and though his ways can be a little screwy, those ways of his may be nothing more than “crunching the data” until his understanding of a matter is realized; he may in fact be “dreaming out loud”: experiencing, while awake, the same processes the mind uses to sort data while we’re asleep.

    People seem almost destined to need a leader — someone to tell them what to do or think — just as Democrats do. But conservatives are not like that. Conservatives understand that thinking for themselves is the pathway to enlightenment. Glenn does not want to be a leader that tells people what to do; rather, Glenn wants us to think for ourselves. To demand from him leadership would insult him.

    No, I believe you have Glenn pegged all wrong. I was at the Restoring Honor rally, also known as “8.28”, and I can tell you that I witnessed not a movement generated by any one person, but a movement made possible by G-d himself. Glenn believes in the power of G-d made manifest in our actions — to change our hearts and minds toward Him, and to look to Him for salvation, and not to men.

    I have been angry at the evil people do, too. There is an anger called “righteous indignation”; the sort of anger you experience you’ve had it up to your teeth with lies, deceptions, perversions, and arrogance. But the scriptures admonish us to “be angry, BUT DO NOT SIN”. Glenn fights with humility; he exposes the deeds of the boastful; he does not leave the truth unspoken; and he never, ever backs down in fear of those whom he exposes.

    What else would you have him do?

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