Arizona – If You Do Nothing Then ‘We The People’ Have The Right To Do Something

by Bill Golden

Arizona – lots of talk of boycott of Arizona for its new law requiring identification for those stopped by police for some violation of the law and suspected of being a non-U.S. citizen.

Yet out of those same mouths there seems to be no forthcoming suggestions about how to prevent the illegal alien problem to begin with. No talk of securing the borders.

Is citizenship itself racist? One person wrote me and said that all citizenship laws are racist. They said that people have been migrating throughout the Americas for 30,000 years. Technically that may be true. But once they stopped migrating they created boundaries. What I call a citizen someone else calls a tribal member.

Take the time to do some quick research and you will find over 400 documented inter-tribal wars between native American tribes over their own boundaries just since the arrival of settlers at Jamestown. The Aztec and the Mayan also had rather draconian methods of dealing with out-of-season migrations further to our south. No, I do not think migration is a natural reason for doing nothing.

Is it legal? Any number of folks have suggested that Arizona’s new law is unconstitutional or violates U.S. law. Sorry. No. In fact, Arizona must submit any law for prior review to the U.S. Department of Justice if it potentially affects the 14th and 15th amendment rights of citizens because Arizona is under restrictions imposed by the 1965 Voting Rights Act — which is meant to strengthen and to protect the rights of minorities. Arizona did due diligence and has a Washington DC Department of Justice review and approval ‘yes you can’ certificate in hand.

Arizona’s Impact on America: A week or two ago there were huge rallies to show Arizona that its fellow American citizens and the Latino/Chicano/Hispanic community weren’t happy with its new law. Don’t blink. Many of the rallies were massive. Don’t blink. Many of the rallies worked hard to paint Arizona as racist and repressive. Don’t blink. The hypocrisy was so huge that national support for Arizona’s new law has surged from 51% to now 64% of Americans support Arizona the state and Arizona’s new law — per an MSNBC/WSJ poll just this week.

So when all is said and done, nothing has been done by Washington DC to fix Arizona’s borders or to address its concerns. Arizona is not a province. Arizona is a state — and ‘state’ has meaning. Arizona has its own ‘We the People’ and they have made a decision.

Want to boycott Arizona? Fine. Free choice is yours.

Want to poke fun at Arizona? Go ahead. Enjoy your 1st Amendment rights. But beware, Arizona’s spirit is contagious and a number of other states have ‘We the People’ too — and a number of states are considering Arizona-like laws to include CO, GA, OH, OK, MD, MI, MS, SC, TX, UT.

You can fix a problem, or you can ignore it and someone will eventually fix it to their own liking. When they do then it really is too late for you to care.

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