Tea Party Patriots Rip Carl Rove as Economic Hypocrite & Declare “… it was Bush that drove the economy into a fiscal ditch.”

by Bill Golden
Bill4DogCatcher.com and JeffersonConservatives.com

The Tea Party Patriots published something which does not blame President Obama for all of our country’s economic woes. This is such a unique occurrence that it is worth noting. Hooray for the courageous!

The rather damning take-no-prisoners critique was actually republished from a CATO Institute piece, which proclaims:

“…Rove has zero credibility on these issues. In the excerpt below, Rove attacks Obama for earmarks, but this corrupt form of pork-barrel spending skyrocketed during the Bush years. Rove rips Obama for government-run healthcare, but Rove helped push through Congress a reckless new entitlement for prescription drugs. He attacks Obama for misusing TARP, but the Bush administration created that no-strings-attached bailout program.”

“Those are examples of hypocrisy, but Rove also is willing to prevaricate. He blames Obama for boosting the burden of government spending to 24 percent of GDP, but it was the Bush administration that boosted the federal government from 18.2 percent of GDP in 2001 to 24.7 percent of GDP in 2009. Obama is guilty of following similar policies and maintaining a bloated budget, but it was Bush (with Rove’s guidance) that drove the economy into a fiscal ditch.”

Hooray for both the CATO Institute and the Tea Party Patriots!

If this line of reasoning keeps up we may be able to hold a decent conversation about how to move forward out of our economic quagmire. I’m not looking to assign blame so much as to establish some ground truth, but if folks want to play the blame game before problem solving then let us all repeat endlessly “…it was Bush (with Rove’s guidance) that drove the economy into a fiscal ditch.”

Since there is no sense in sounding like a Monty Python rerun can we now get on with acting like adults and working together?

Source: “Dick Cheney Lectures on Irresponsible Spending Despite Similar Actions While in Office“, which should more accurately be titled Carl Rove instead of Dick Cheney since the story is about Rove, by New Patriot Journal, Tea Party Patriots … which is adapted from the Cato Institute’s “The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of Fiscal Policy“.


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