Yoda Deals With Dark Side of GPS Systems

Recently my GPS system was stolen. Miss it I do. As a soccer coach with games scattered across the region (5 counties), and with two teams to coach, I need to be at the right place on time and before my players.

My dearly beloved GPS was named Sarah; she had a wonder English accent. It was my delight to hear her say, “Please make a legal U-turn when convenient”. I miss you Sarah.

Cindy Lou is my new GPS. She is a bit more petite and still has a wonderful English voice, although a bit more stronger and demanding than Sarah: “You have passed your destination. Will recalculate a path back.”

Ok, so Cindy Lou is less forgiving of my human failure to follow instructions. Still I love her.

Now, it turns out that I possibly could have had Yoda tell me where to go.

Click here for Yoda GPS experience!

Yoda does GPS announcements

Yoda does GPS announcements

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