Dogs, Cats, the Left, the Right and Election 2010

by Bill Golden

E. J. Donne, Jr., editorialized in the Washington Post: “The left needs a right brain“.

As E. J. Donne sees the Democratic challenge, which he has no problem identifying as the Left:

“On the one hand, independent voters are turning on them. Democratic House candidates enjoyed a 51 percent to 43 percent advantage over Republicans in 2008. This time, the polls show independents tilting Republican by substantial margins.”

“But Democrats are also suffering from a lack of enthusiasm among their own supporters. Poll after poll has shown that while Republicans are eager to cast ballots, many Democrats seem inclined to sit out this election.”

“The dilemma is that arguments that might motivate partisans could further alienate the less-ideological independents. The classic formulation holds that the party can either move left to excite its base or move to the center to win back independents.”

As I see it:  The Left are cats and the Right are dogs.

Cats refuse to cooperate unless they feel like it. They have no sense of common bonding, and they are nice to you only when they want something. Disagreements happen. Kick a cat and it will leave the room or scratch you … maybe never to come back. They don’t handle rough treatment well. When bored they create mischief among themselves.

Dogs crave togetherness. They easily follow a pack leader. Bonding is what they do — just because you are another dog or seem friendly to dogs. Kick a dog and he may growl and bite but it will remain with the pack. Abuse happens … but dogs have short memories. Dogs know that disagreement can sometimes be rough. They react accordingly but do not run away.

The Left are cats. The Right are dogs.

The Left seldom rallies around an idea, only issues. The Right may be dogmatic but some central core tenets of belief unite. A few choice words are enough to equate to the secret hand shake that calls forth unity.

The Left unites only for a cause celebre and then drifts away. There are no tenets of faith or belief on the Left — loyalty is to self and not to group.

The energized few can overwhelm the disengaged majority. Like them or not, the Tea Party has focused on staying energized and on building a sense of community.

I am an independent. I vote for the person and not the party. Voted Bush in 2000 and voted Kerry in 2004, then McCain in 2008. I voted for the Democrat as my governor and the Republican as my senator. I am an independent.

As an independent I see little to like on either side at the moment. But most definitely I see absolutely no change that I can believe in.

The Democrat’s core challenge: I can vote blind for a Republican and I feel 80% assured that I know what the candidate will do once elected. A dog is a dog. The Democrats represent no core philosophy. I would never pull the lever for a Democrat ‘just because’. Future demographics are working against the mostly aged and caucasian Republican party. Yet the Democrats cannot seem to master even a simple message that they themselves believe in — that is the real challenge of Election 2010 for the Left, aka the Democrats.



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4 responses to “Dogs, Cats, the Left, the Right and Election 2010

  1. Al

    As someone who has been “mauled by cats” and “welcomed by dogs”, I consider this a good analysis… and agree with your conclusion. As an independent, I guess I’m still in the “butt sniffing” stage as we approach the next couple of elections… but leaning right.

  2. Jack

    Never thought about left and right in quite that way but I would agree with that assessment. I’m very disappointed with the left’s lack of focus and direction. I am an independent as well. I have leaned left on many issues in the past but when I see the left’s solutions to those issues and even worse, the execution of those solutions, or lack thereof, I feel frustrated and confused. Like Al, I am leaning slightly to the right this election. I would like to see some incisive problem solving on the Right though.

    • Jack,

      Thanks for joining in the conversation. I am still searching for some better way. If the Republicans win the House in November 2010 then they will hunker down and morph from being the Party of No to the Party of Big Fat NO!

      I do not see any salvation on the part of the Democrats — there is the possibility of a miracle if the Tea Party acts up and does something stupid, but they won’t. The Tea Party is working overtime to batten down the hatches and to pull in loose cannons. The Tea Party is looking to glide into November as quietly as possible so as to not hurt Republican chances for victory.

  3. ck

    You Could do a remake of a movie from about 15 years ago called “The Truth about Cats and Dogs” but with your take on the parties and what happens as the election continues. It would be interesting to see how this analogy works over the time up to the elections.

    There are a few traits of cats and dogs which you didn’t state that give a different facet: Cats are responsible and keep themselves clean and when they go somewhere it is with a purpose. Yes,if you are mean to them, then they are mean back–it is a quid pro quo system, but if you are nice, they will sit in your lap and purrrrrrr.

    Dogs on the other hand while being friendly and jumping in your lap will do this when they have just come out of the pool, the mud puddle, or the back yard indiscriminately and expect your instant unconditional hugs and kisses albeit full of mud. They also usually need help cleaning up their messes and they can run around in circles chasing their own tail for hours. (I think both parties tend to do the later occationally–filibustering or stating thier stance, then looking at popular opinion and back stepping, etc.)

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