Are Political Labels Bad? Are They Accurate?

A Tea Party Patriots discussion on Facebook asked:

“Are labels bad? Conservative? Liberal? Republican? Democrat? Should we avoid labels? Shouldn’t we care about issues and quality candidates that support those issues? What are your issues?”

My response:

Are labels bad? No.

Are labels accurate? Not very often.

I’m for “free markets” but most so-called free market advocates are really just corporate welfare apologists.

I’m conservative and for small, less intrusive government. But many so-called conservatives are all for government control of people’s lives.

I’m all for efficient and less government. But if you spend it then you must tax to pay for it. That includes wars.

I’m all for less taxes. But cutting taxes without cutting spending is absolute madness. $9 trillion of the $13 trillion of national debt was accumulated under Republican-controlled presidents and congresses.

Are labels bad? No.

Are labels accurate? Not very often.

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One response to “Are Political Labels Bad? Are They Accurate?

  1. I dislike most labels because I find they are generally inaccurate, encourage stereotypes and cause us to make assumptions.

    Yet, labels have become part of the way we organize and communicate through language. Without labels, we are forced to be more wordy, explain minute details and take more time.

    Our society doesn’t support such efforts. We live with soundbytes, headlines, 15-second commercials, bumper stickers and pop-up ads.

    What would happen if we took the time to explain without using labels?

    Obsessive capitalists would scream they were losing money, politicians would fear being specific and the high-and-mighty would have to provide real proof that those they condemn have earned condemnation.

    Won’t happen.

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