So Am I An Independent Or Just A Disgruntled Republican?

An independent votes for whomever appeals to them.

I was a disgruntled Republican as a Republican, and then I left.

I became a Republican way back on November 16th, 1979 when Ronald Reagan announced that he was running for president. Even joined the Reagan campaign staff; one of my treasures still today is an invitation to his inauguration for my work on the Reagan campaign.

But even as a Republican I voted for Democrats as president, for the Senate, for the House, in my state legislature, for governor and for whomever appealed to me as having a clue and that I felt like voting for … so I was independent even as a Republican.

As a Republican I spoke no ill of another Republican. That was Reagan’s 11th Commandment and law enough for me.

Back in late 2009 I publicly declared that I am no longer ‘Republican’. Here in Virginia it doesn’t really matter since we don’t register as members of parties, so it meant something to me at least that I was willing to be public about it — and especially since I was writing as a blogger for ‘’.
As an independent I spend at least 51% of my time sending flaming arrows towards Republicans by name and by issue. Probably closer to 60% or 70% in reality.

As an independent, I don’t criticize Democrats as much because to me they areĀ  just acting like normal Democrats so why expend the energy — a remaining bias from my ‘R’ days.

Am still conservative. Still fighting the good fight. But I no longer care what party you belong to. Stupid is stupid. Brilliant is brilliant. So stop showing me stupid and start showing me brilliant.

Yes, I am thoroughly independent. If you want my vote then forget ‘wink, wink, nod, nod’ — show me some ideas and the footnotes supporting them.


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4 responses to “So Am I An Independent Or Just A Disgruntled Republican?

  1. Al

    How do you pubicly declare that you are no longer a Republican? …stand on your front porch and shout, “I am no longer a Republican (perhaps with your fist in the air)?” Did you put on a suit or were you in your bathrobe? I’m just curious, that’s all.

    • =^)

      Since I was a writer for the tone of my articles changed and of course my byline had to change as well.

      All articles published after November 1st, 2009 referred to me as “an independent fed up with party politics but friendly to the concept of smaller government, maximum personal freedoms, Main Street over Wall Street, fiscal responsibility and community first.”

  2. Pugil stick fights for riders!

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