Ten Things That I Will Judge Candidates By In 2010 Election

by Bill Golden

If we want a more responsive government then we need to have our own personal standards as voters.

Below are the Top 10 things that I will use to evaluate candidates in the upcoming elections.

1. Shows understanding of the U.S. Constitution and applies it in their actions and public policy recommendations.
2. Public Record of votes showing willing to not vote the party line.
3. Public Record of not creating facts to support arguments.
4. Philosophy indicates consideration of opposing views, and willingness to address them.
5. Shows willingness to address wrongs within own party.
6. Offers policies that clearly show costs in monetary and personal liberties, and suggests how the policy will be funded.
7. Does not rely on one-of-a-kind examples to make a case as to why we should change public policy.
8. Does not accept campaign funds from special interest groups, and asks that groups that produces favorable attack ads withdraw their advertising.
9. Supports transparency in campaign and government transactions.
10. Public Record of achievement.


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3 responses to “Ten Things That I Will Judge Candidates By In 2010 Election

  1. chas_dickens

    Hear, hear. I also like to see consistency in their application of their understanding of the Constitution. Not just whatever is convenient.

    I also could care less about the Liberal vs conservative identification. I can usually figure that out myself and bottom line it doesn’t matter to me. I am somewhat politically agnostic and am likely to vote for a conservative as well as a liberal or a moderate.

    But the bottom-line to me is consistency to to their political life. They are entitled to change directions if the they have a solid basis for it.

    We have political candidates in Georgia saying they represent the views of our forefathers but how can that be. Our forefathers were products of the Enlightenment (more driven by rational argument). Most of the current batch of political aspirants seem to be driven by the polls.

  2. That would be the perfect candidate except for one thing: He or she could never get elected.

    There would be no money to run and both parties would devour this person. What a shame!

    I believe the real challenge is how to elect a person like this.

  3. I see of lot of “abstain” in your future. 😉

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