Life is a beach … unless it is County Fair time


I do more than just think about economics, politics and my 401K.

Sometimes I fish, go to the beach when I can and never ever miss the county fair.

Prince William County Fair, Virginia

When growing up my mom and dad would take us to the county fair, except in Jacksonville, Florida it was always in October … just too darned hot to have fun outside in Florida during August … except at the beach.

My dad would take some of the younger kids and go do rides. My buddies and me would hang with my mom. She liked food and so did we. My mom’s favorite was a nice roasted Polish sausage covered in green peppers and onions. That was her big ‘to do’ at the fair. She was happy just walking around and seeing the lights and people watching.

Have always been fond of the side shows. The Prince William County, Virginia fair had live music, and motorcycle jumping and Brutus: the world’s largest pig, AKA ‘The Baconator’.

Prince William County Fair - Brutus the baconator pig

I paid 50 cents to see Brutus and if you want to see him then you need to pay your 50 cents, too. However, I will tell you that Brutus is absolutely humongous. Giant. I cannot imagine Brutus getting up without having a heart attack. … And in fact, Brutus did not get up the whole time that we were there. He just laid about and snorted.

It was nice. I had a Polish sausage in honor my mom, saw the lights, watched the people, did the shows and petted the animals — yes, even I still enjoy the petting zoo. My favorite was the llamas and the minature horses … I have a dog bigger than the horses.

Prince William County Fair - Llamas

Some folks overlook the sheer inexpensive entertainment value of the county fair. There was no charge to park, entrance cost adults just $8 and the food was outstanding in cost, variety and portion. Before I left to go home I stopped by to pick up some dinner for the folks back at home. A very large turkey leg, side of baby back ribs, and two roasted corn on the cob cost me $21. That’s an incredible bargain compared to a large bag of popcorn and two drinks costing $18.50 at our local chain movie theater.

Gotta love the County Fair!


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