ECONOMICS – In an integrated world economy one doesn’t catch cold without spreading it.

ECONOMICS – In an integrated world economy one doesn't catch cold without spreading it. Latin America more stable than the U.S.? How?

We often focus on our own economy or those of our major trading partners. Reality is that it is an ecosystem out there. The health of our resource partners is just as great, as is the political stability of emerging economies.

FACTOID from recent IMF research: Lending by healthier banks actually decreased during the recession. South America has enjoyed relative economic stability during the Great Recession. Latin America’s relatively better performance during the crisis to the greater reliance of the region’s banking system on domestic sources of funding and avoidance of international and U.S. banks.


IMF Research Bulletin — September 2010:  The Q&A in this issue features seven questions on "How Institutions Shape Financial Markets" (by Bernardin Akitoby); research summaries on "Transmission of the Great Recession from Advanced to Emerging Economies" (by Andrew Swiston) and "Sovereign Debt and Default" (by Emine Boz); the contents of the inaugural issue of the IMF Economic Review; a listing of visiting scholars at the IMF during July-September 2010



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