“Restoring Truthiness Rally” Participant Etiquette Guideliness

Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart are now accepting etiquette guidelines for the upcoming 2010.10.30 "Rally to Restore Sanity".

Eight adopted suggestions so far.

  1. Pick up trash
  2. Be friendly
  3. Buy strangers a sandwich???
  4. Be courteous on the metro trains
  5. If you happen to be interviewed for TV avoid herp derping if possible
  6. NO DRUGS. SPECIFICALLY I MEAN WEED. This will make it waaaaay too easy for entities like Fox to discount the event.
  7. How about no hurtful signs? No signs that insinuate “We are smarter than you”
  8. If you’re going to have a sign, proof read it beforehand

Are you going? Bill4DogCatcher.com is going … but in a professional capacity of course: to observe.


Source: http://www.jonstewartrally.com/etiquette


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One response to ““Restoring Truthiness Rally” Participant Etiquette Guideliness

  1. If I pretend I don’t know you, will you buy me a sandwich?

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