is a cranky conservative.

As of late, I admit being a cranky conservative.

As a conservative I am ashamed that I live in a time of 'conservative resurgentcy' which resembles a jelly donut: full of sweet, sticky, gummy stuff that has little redeeming value. Certainly not healthy.

It makes you feel good ranting and raving about liberals, socialist, RINOs and winos … but you just end up with nothing to show for it … except regret.

Are there no conservative intellectuals left?

How can we talk about balanced budgets when there is no evidence that conservatives  can operate a simple calculator? And if they can then would someone please do the math.

How can we bombast the Democrats deficits and debt (yes, easy to do and they are setting new records) when most of our current $13 trillion national debt happened under Republicans?

Dear Bill Buckley, I miss you.


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