Pakistani Social Justice Pop Band or Social Conscience of People Just Wanting Something Better? Meet “Red”.

One of the nice things about Facebook is the chance to meet new folks and to broaden appreciation for a bigger world.Once upon a time I knew everything. My knowledge was definitive. I was maybe age 16 or 17. Having grown up a good Southern boy I knew all about the rest of the world.

Then I joined the U.S. Army, which sent me to school in Ayer, Massachusetts at Fort Devens, To my amazement they had trees there. Everywhere. Rumors that the North had been paved over and that there were factories between every street light just weren’t true. Even the people were nice. (Shhhh! Don’t tell or I’ll lose my … I’m sure that I’ll lose something.)

Anyway, one of my Facebook correspondents introduced me to a Pakistani band called “Laal” or “Red”. The name of this particular song is “utho meri duniya” which means “awaken the world” – it’s based on a poem by Allama Iqbal.

I have no clue what is being sung outside of the English subtitles. The tune is catchy, the images are vivid, and the theme of the song is probably not what you would expect from a Pakistani band, assuming that you would even expect the music to be from Pakistan.

So give this song a listen, read the lyrics, then do over again. There is a lot of nuance in the words. I’m not sure exactly what Laal or Red is advocating … but certainly there are some challenges in the words and the style of music to make you think. Let your assumptions be challenged.

View video:



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2 responses to “Pakistani Social Justice Pop Band or Social Conscience of People Just Wanting Something Better? Meet “Red”.

  1. Zeeshan Ejaz

    The theme of the song is that God commanding its angels to awaken the poor people of my world. Several verses are self-explanatory. While one can write an essay of many pages; the micro summary of the whole thing is that to overthrow the ruling elite, clergy and oppressing forces. Rise and and take command of the “era of the people”.

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