Are The TEA Party And Christianity Partners?

WAPO asks:

“What is the Tea Party? Is it “a recession-era version of the
religious right?” Is it something else? And if the Tea Party is not a
religious movement, why is it raising up candidates like O’Donnell who
has a strong background of religious activism?”

When we say religious right we are really saying socially conservative
Christianity. There are Jews, atheists, agnostics and others in the
TEA Party movement, however.

At the macro level, TEA is about economics. Drill down to local level
and there are affections for the local cultural mix … as to be

Bill4DogCatcher’s opinion is that most TEA supporters really want to
avoid involving religion. Most socially conservative Christians within
TEA have agreed to focus on TEA’s three core themes, which are not
social platforms. Still, with TEA picking up steam the social
conservatives are nervous: too many libertarians and non-believers are
at the forefront of the movement. If successful they will redefine
modern conservatism.

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One response to “Are The TEA Party And Christianity Partners?

  1. If a poll was taken, it would prove that the Tea Party is made up of racist, xenophobic, fundamentalist conservative Christian extremists, that resemble the terrorists they always speak about. Id like to thank them now, prior to the next 9/11-like incident, because they will be the reason for it.

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