ECONOMICS: An Opposing View – Why We Don’t Need to Pay Down the National Debt

I find the idea that we don't need to worry about paying down national debt hugely scary.

It was scary when Vice President Cheney told us 'deficits don't matter'.

It is even more scary that the CBO projects our national debt to reach 185% of GDP and someone of intellect says 'don't worry!'.

The real question is whether the math adds up. So many talking heads love to get us stats, but seldom do the math … discuss the math … show us the math … give us footnotes so that we can do the math for ourselves.

I encourage you to read the Atlantic Magazine's "Why We Don't Need to Pay Down the National Debt" for yourself. This is an issue too important not to be educated about, or to know the opposing views.



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One response to “ECONOMICS: An Opposing View – Why We Don’t Need to Pay Down the National Debt

  1. An interesting alternate opinion. Among other things, i am an Army trained ORSA (Operations Research & Systems Analysis) who spent a lot of time building math models. It’s all about the assumptions. A skilled ORSA could get any answer you wanted to prove a point because few folks understood the math and even fewer inquired about the assumptions. Tinkering with those assumptions is called “sensitivity analysis” (or just how robust is tour solution?). That’s the “magic question” that few ask. This article broached the issue of assumptions in a very logical manner. I wonder if we can get our hands on the actual model?

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