TECHNOLOGY: 10 Myths of Telework: Why You Aren’t Working from Home

By eWEEK Staff

A recent report commissioned by Citrix Online and compiled by Telework Research Network sheds light on the benefits U.S. businesses and employees could gain from adopting virtual work policies, including reduced stress, increased productivity, better work and life balance, and reduced absenteeism. According to the report, an estimated $400 billion can be saved by U.S. businesses that employ a half-time workshifting policy.

For participating employees, the report noted, the commuting time they save adds up to an extra two to three weeks of free time a year. Kate Lister, principal researcher at Telework Research Network and author of "Undress for Success-The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home," has put together the following presentation on 10 myths about virtual work edited by eWEEK's IT Management and Careers writer Don Sears.

DISCLOSURE: Citrix sells and promotes virtual work technology products. Kate Lister wrote the white paper "Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line," which was sponsored by Citrix Online. Lister is the founder of the Telework Research Network and works with consulting and computer scientist Tom Harnish. Their work can be found at



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One response to “TECHNOLOGY: 10 Myths of Telework: Why You Aren’t Working from Home

  1. It’s hard to find a job that fits your skills AND allows you to work from home. Too many companies still believe their employees can’t be trusted to work independently. Then there are government jobs that might increase security risks if the agencies allowed employees to work from home.

    It’s also hard to get a decent work-from-home job. Online, I’ve seen a lot of work-from-home scams trying to suck in an ignorant, needy but hard working population. The most vulnerable are probably stay-at-home moms, those who have lost their jobs, the elderly and the financially desperate.

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