Conservative Activists Trash New Republican ‘Pledge to America’

Am glad to see that I am not the only conservative that thinks ill of the new Republican ‘Pledge’ of what they’ll do if we send votes their way.It is pandering pure and simple. Meaningless pander too.

If the Republicans had promised to adopt certain rules and provided details then maybe it wouldn’t be pandering — but just another white lie or so. founder and tea party activist Erick Erickson trashed it in a blog post entitled, “Perhaps the most ridiculous thing to come out of Washington since George McClellan” when he said: “Overall, this grand illusion of an agenda that will never happen is best spoken of today and then never again, as if it did not happen. It is best forgotten.”

Social conservatives were also critical as it did not embrace a ‘values’ agenda. That’s fine with me as social issues are interesting but not of interest to me. To me government is all about providing core services and not about being values police. Values are a personal choice.

However, what I strongly dislike is the presence of any sense of an economic plan. Nowhere in the photo opportunity of promoting the pledge did you see any Republican that has actually given serious thought to economics and to economic challenges.

If the Republicans were serious about a reform agenda then they should have cajolel Paul Ryan to appear in announcing the pledge.

I too want to know: “Republicans unveil Pledge to America, but where was Paul Ryan?” as asked by the Christian Science Monitor.

The reality is that the Republican Party has been stuck in limbo … and most Republicans think that it is still 2008, which is where they plan to pick up if they win. They were a bankrupt party for ideas then and they are now (not that I am fond of Democrats either).

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