Facebook Founder Donates $100 Million to Newark NJ School; Bill Gates 1997 Redux?

Funny how sometimes the rich and famous do not reach out to benefit society with their wealth until they get really bad PR.Back in the late 1990s Bill Gates and Microsoft were getting slammed for scheme of the day to monopolize what people used on their computers and how they accessed the Internet. When it came out that Bill Gates was a real scrooge … money for good causes started flowing. The good news is Bill Gates has taken philanthropy to heart and has done much good ever since.

Now a movie is about to launch on October 1st that really trashes Mark Zuckerberg as a conniving and cutthroat kind of guy. Suddenly Zuckerberg finds it in his heart to be a benefactor to the tune of $100 million. Good. But is Zuckerberg pulling a Bill Gates? Or will he become the next Bill Gates? Unto whom much is given much is expected.


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