State Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina — An uberRepublican State — Endorses the Democrat for Governor

So why would a state in love with ultra conservative Republican personalities find its business leadership endorsing the Democrat for governor?Could it be because reality is that the Republicans do indeed have a long track record on knowing how to create jobs? Not.

And could it be that South Carolina’s business leaders have ignored the uniqueness of the Republican candidate’s approach to growing jobs? No. More of the same: cut taxes for business, deregulate business, let business do as it pleases. Somehow that seldom translates into good news for the mom and pop businesses that do indeed create the majority of jobs.

How to create jobs?

I hear pundits all the time talking about how to grow jobs. Rarely do they have any specifics … or data … or a real clue.

It grates me to no end to hear politicos (and often everyday citizens) talk about jobs growth as if there is some magical light switch on the other side of the room.Am the highest level sponsor of our regional chamber here in Virginia, an honor (and an expense) shared with only one other sponsor, our regional newspaper. When I meet with our hundreds of corporate members and the topic comes up about the economy and jobs creation there is mostly quiet. Among ourselves we do not launch into partisan B.S. or lie to each other about how to create jobs. We are in business and agnostic about ‘how’.

Our biggest concern is stability of our communities. Until people feel secure in believing that they will have a place to live, can pay their bills, and do right by their children then they will not spend.

Spending by everyday people creates cash flow and that creates jobs.

How to grow more than just a few jobs? … To me the silence on ‘how’ among our chamber members indicates that we are largely out of ideas … the people that make things happen are out of ideas.

READ FULL STORY: “What the Chamber knows about the candidates for governor” at

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