Have you heard of the Taliban Tea Party? Former Tea Party Expresser Mark Williams has some thoughts.

From ‘Temple of Mut, Shrine of Flaming Capitalism’ blog:

Mark Williams, formerly of Tea Party Express, recently trashed one
fellow movement leader as the “head of the Taliban Tea Party”.

Temple of Mut, active in the larger Tea Party movement wrote:

“… not all Tea Party public figures seem content to others to
contribute to the success of the movement and be acknowledged fairly
for their herculean efforts. Some so-called “leaders” smear people who
have sacrificed and given their all to promote real grassroots
activism. For example, former Tea Party Express spokesman, Mark
Williams, has recently targeted SoCal-TRC President Dawn Wildman and
TPP National Coordinator Mark Meckler in vile rants. Many will recall
that Williams resigned after the publication of a ill-conceived and
poorly executed satire piece. I would like my readers to be fully
informed regarding these situations, as I have had the pleasure of
working with Wildman and Meckler closely in various events. Both are
genuine heroes who have achieved enormous success promoting US
Constitutional ideas, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and
free market practices in California and across the country – with well
over 2000 local citizen action groups as participating members.”

So what brought this on?

Mark Williams can speak for himself. Here is his opening paragraph to
his attack on fellow Tea Partyers:

“There is an epic battle unfolding out of sight, and it is a good
thing because a too high public profile would likely tear apart the
Tea Party Movement. A small, selfish, self-interested cabal led by
Mark Meckler is selling the Tea Party Patriots to a mystery “donor”.
Under Mark Meckler the TPP has been grassroots only in the sense that
the hard working and sincere patriots who ARE the TPP have labored and
paid out of their own pockets to create a movement, while Mr. Meckler
and his subordinate partner Jenny Beth Martin have enjoyed the Capitol
Hill cocktail scene, schmoozed and gotten cozy with politicians of
both sides of the Democrat-Republican establishment aligned against We
the People. Along the way each of them have suddenly found that their
formerly daunting personal financial issues have magically

… and his opinion only gets better in the rest of his letter, which
you can read at the link below.

MARK WILLIAMS and his comments on the “head of the Taliban Tea Party”:

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