Rep. Alan Grayson’s ‘Taliban’ & ‘Love of Country’ ads backfire. Grayson does more than just bend the truth.

Florida’s Alan Grayson is strongly opinionated and undoubtedly irksome to his opponents.

Being strident has worked for him. Politics can be tough.

However, when strident strays into lying and misrepresentation then it goes from being just a hyperpartisan moment to wingnuttery — especially when you are trying ever so hard to make it look like your opponent is the wingnut. notes: “In an ad, Grayson’s campaign calls Republican Daniel Webster a “religious fanatic” — a charge it supports with video in which Webster seems to encourage wives to “submit” to their husbands. But says the narrative crafted by the Florida Democrat’s campaign distorts what Webster was actually saying.” is absolutely blunt in its criticism of Grayson’s ad:

“Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida is falsely accusing his opponent of evading the Vietnam War draft, claiming “he doesn’t love this country.”

“Republican candidate Daniel Webster didn’t “refuse the call to service,” as claimed in a vicious TV ad featuring pictures of military graves and the sound of “Taps” being played on a bugle. In fact, the former Florida Senate majority leader was given routine student deferments until he completed his undergraduate degree. He then reported for a military physical and was disqualified for medical reasons.”

Grayson’s Taliban Ad:
Note that the commentator seems to be cheering for Grayson: the end justifies the means — the ultimate wingnut approach to life.

Grayson’s Love of Country Ad:

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