ECONOMICS – Some very good news + some very quixotic, schizo signs

From Marketwatch: “Stocks and oil just had their most memorable
monthly rallies in years. But so did gold. Even bonds held their

–>> Stocks and oil prices increasing = good news. Since September is
normally a calm trading month, it is very good news that this was the
BEST September for trading in 71 years.

–>> Surely no one wants the price of oil to go up, but it is a good
economic sign nonetheless. The drop in the cost of oil over the last
few years has represented a deflationary pressure caused by lowered
economic demand. If the price is going up and remains stably higher
then that a hopeful sign that the economy is indeed recovering.

already have enough resources to survive bad times. Gold continuing to
rise in value means that the powers that be still expect bad times to
visit us.

another refuge for those that expect bad times: low return on your
investment but much greater security.

Marketwatch sums it up well: “This schizophrenic behavior raises
questions about how well asset diversification, or assembling a
portfolio capable of evading the worst losses, will work if the tables
are turned and, unlike in September, most assets fall.”

… and about the Hindenburg Omen … will save that for another day
… we are only halfway through the window of opportunity for it to
visit us.



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