HUMOR – POLITICAL: Tea Partyers and Obama’s iPod

“President Obama has listed the songs on his iPod. The Tea Partiers
are checking to see if ‘Born in the USA’ is on the list.” —Jimmy

“The wife of Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino
said she accepts that her husband had an affair, that he has a
mistress, and the mistress had his baby. He actually convinced her
this is no big deal. Guys, let me tell you this, don’t try this at
home. This guy is a lawyer, a real estate developer, and a politician.
That is the trifecta of professional liars.” —Jay Leno

“President Obama has been meeting with voters in what he calls
‘backyard chats.’ He’s held these in real people’s backyards. You know
something, I think all politicians should talk to people in their
backyards. Then you could take what they say and spread it on the
lawn.” —Jay Leno

“These Tea Party groups are very conservative. In fact, 58 percent of
Tea Party members now believe Joe Biden is a Muslim.” —Jay Leno

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Ways Barack Obama Can Boost His Popularity
With Younger Voters”

10. Refer to himself as the Chillaxer-in-Chief
9. Limit speeches to 140 characters or less
8. Broadcast all Oval Office addresses in 3D
7. Replace Rahm Emanuel with a hunky, brooding vampire
6. Trade in Air Force One for rocket-powered Obama-cycle
5. Answer tough questions with “Whatevs”
4. Change name to Bajustin Obieber
3. Refer to his abdominal muscles as “The Administration”
2. Check into rehab, go to prison, check back into rehab, go back to
prison, check back into rehab
1. Join Team Coco



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