Threat Finance Intelligence Analyst, Mid (Wash. DC)

Support the client as an all-source and finance analyst in the
client’s defense economics office, conduct intelligence analysis, and
produce finished intelligence products using applied methodologies for
mapping an entity’s financial portfolio to uncover areas of potential
leverage or indicators of strategic intent. Identify key financial
threats against US interests. Leverage knowledge of financial markets
and micro- and macroeconomics while maintaining enthusiasm for
financial reporting to the position and thinking outside-the-box to
assist the US government in its measures to influence foreign entities
or interdict illicit finance-related activities of foreign leaders and
specific activities of, and financial support to, rogue state and
non-state actors and organized crime elements. Coordinate analysis
with agencies across the intelligence community (IC), relevant US
agencies, and DoD commands, and develop and spearhead new and
innovative ways to acquire information linking identified subjects to
their critical financial infrastructure and business elements. Apply
intelligence analysis skills to a variety of targets. Impact the
client’s mission by producing or publishing Defense Intelligence
Digest articles, Defense Intelligence Reports (DIRs), link charts, and
database entries that comprehensively examine formal and informal
financial associations of identified subjects. Present briefing fused
financially-focused intelligence products to US dignitaries and senior
intelligence and DoD representatives, which provides practical
assessment outlooks and courses of action for influencing foreign
leaders and key decision-makers.


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