DEMOCRATS GET KNIFE IN BACK BY PURISTS: takes a playbook page from Tea Party and aims to cleanse DINOs

B4DC >> Democrats In Name Only (DINO)? Can you be a DINO in a party like the Democratic Party, where cooperation and political cohesion is a rare thing on the best of days?

B4DC >> Could it be that is really working for a Republican victory in November 2010 so that Republicans will get to show how clueless they are and enhance Democratic chances in 2012? … Or could it be that the pretzel logic of 2010 has become so warped that the planet Earth is safe from alien invasion because ‘if you touch it then you own it’ … and who would want this mess?

B4DC >> Am not crazy about my future being solely in Democratic hands, and this is another example of why. Democrats and their leftist fringe and progressive elements sometimes seem capable of the most amazing things: like committing suicide and kamikaze attacks against each other in public less than 30 days before an election — an election already sure to put a whipping on their derriere.

B4DC >> Stuff like this makes the Republicans look almost sane … but only ‘almost’. Depends upon the Angle that you take.

From the Huffington Post:

In yet another example of its willingness to throw punches inside the Democratic tent, has decided to target Democratic candidates who are being aided in their elections by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Acting on reports that the business lobby is using foreign contributions for its election funds, the progressive advocacy organization began organizing members to press Democratic recipients of Chamber support to condemn the ads being run on their behalf.

Some targets include: Reps. Frank Kratovil (MD-1), Glenn Nye (VA-2), Travis Childers (MS-1) and Bobby Bright (AL-2) — all, essentially, conservative Democratic members that MoveOn has butted heads with in the past. But the group’s willingness to target them over their Chamber ties underscores how eager the progressive community is to burn a few members if it means keeping the debate over third party funding in the spotlight.

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