JOBS & HYPOCRISY: GOP Attacks White House On September 2010 Unemployment Data

From DOW Jones Newswires:

Republicans on Friday pounced on the latest U.S. employment data,
holding it up as proof that the Obama administration’s economic
policies simply aren’t working for U.S. families and small businesses.

The U.S. economy continued to lose jobs in September and the
unemployment rate held steady at 9.6%, according to a government
report released Friday morning.

With the mid-term elections just weeks away, Republicans argued that
Obama’s promises of economic recovery aren’t being realized and that
it’s time the country moves in a new direction.

B4DC >> So the Republican plan offered to jumpstart the economy is
what? Embrace the “Pledge to America”! Or so says Rep John Beohner

B4DC >> There is no doubt that the Democrats have had a tough go of
resuscitating the economy. But as compared to what? What really would
the Republicans do different that they were not already doing when the
economy was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month?

B4DC >> Reality perhaps is that the economy just sucks and neither
Democrat nor Republican would have done a better job. What can be said
is that the Republicans have not stepped forward with any concrete
ideas as to policies that they would propose upon election, and which
have any probability of creating jobs. None. If you find some evidence
please post!


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One response to “JOBS & HYPOCRISY: GOP Attacks White House On September 2010 Unemployment Data

  1. The 95,000 people laid off were US Census workers, who were always temp workers. Had they been kept on, then the Repub would claim the federal government is too big.

    If the Repubs would simply admit that they’ll twist any fact, tell any halftruth, and will bugger the US in order to defame Obama, then imagine how much better they’d feel for telling the truth.

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