2010 Rise of the Independents — Does It Matter Any Longer Who Wins 2010?

A number of Republicans have broken ranks recently and endorsed candidates outside of the party’s primary winners.

California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger is the latest by endorsing Florida’s Charlie Crist in his senate bid.

My belief is that whatever victory comes out of the 2010 election, 2010 will be for Republicans their last national hurrah for some time to come. I expect there to be 5-7 independent senators serving our nation by 2012-2014, and most will be former Republicans.

Call them RINO if you wish but voters will ultimately decide.

The Republican Party has worked very hard to alienate much of America. In the most recent polling by nonpartisan groups Republicans in Congress are trusted less than both Democrats and President Obama.

So if they have alienated America why is it that they stand a good chance to win the House, and possibly even the Senate? Punishment!

Democrats have delivered on a lot of promises. So has President Obama; out of 506 campaign promises made he has only reneged on 22.

Reality however is that Democrats have themselves behaved poorly and really seem to be adrift. It is somewhat obvious that President Obama encourages Congress to pursue certain policies, but Obama neglects his role as party leader until moments of desperation set in — like the final push for Health Care Reform or pushing back against Republicans and Tea Partyers. The word ‘leader‘ seems to apply to no one in particular within the Democratic party.

Reality is also that the Democrats have come off as somewhat spineless against their opposition. Who wants to vote for that? I’m serious about this aspect. The Democrats have been absolutely spineless since the summer of 2009 — except for Barney Frank and his well-aimed ‘what planet are you from’ quip.

Spine has recently been shown by some Republicans who are beginning to push back. It will not be enough to stem their party’s drift to the right, a right without plan or ability to achieve some very half-baked schemes, but it represents a decision point.

Just as Adams argued strongly against breaking with Great Britain, once you realize that your own family really does not love you then it is time to hit the road in a new direction.

Once 2012 rolls around the Republicans will complete their schism. A small but statistically powerful number of independents will be in the ranks of the Senate.  Republicans will have a choice: find where they parked their big tent or become a party of demographically dwindling supporters.

2010 really is the rise of the Independent.

Bill Golden is Bill4DogCatcher.com — an independent, conservative observer of American politics, economics, trends and whatever is fish of the day. Please join in the conversation online at http://www.facebook.com/Bill4DogCatcher



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