American Founders – What Would They Have Said?

The Federalist Papers have much to say as to what our founders saw as
being ‘government’. They did indeed have much to say.

Rather than interpret their intent you can read for yourself the
duality of the visions: federalist vs states rights.

The Federalist Papers:

Some of our founders, like John Adams, George Washington, and
Alexander Hamilton would probably feel right at home with government
as it is today.

Others would be Libertarians and Independents: James Madison, Thomas
Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay.

And others would undoubtedly lean Republican and Tea Party: Thomas
Paine, Patrick Henry.

What is important to remember is that America has always been an
argument in progress.

Our nation’s founders were so passionate, and those that disagreed so
spiteful and hateful at times, that the Federalist Papers were written
anonymously, although we do know that they were written primarily by
just three founders.

Founders Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the
Federalist Papers under the pseudonym “Publius,” and “the Federal
Farmer” spoke up in rebuttal.


Bill Golden is — an independent, conservative
observer of American politics, economics, trends and whatever is fish
of the day. Please join in the conversation online at


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