INDEPENDENTS | ALASKA | Write-in Murkowski Tied With Tea Party Republican Miller — Republicans To Suffer From Self-Inflicted Wounds?

Rise of the Independents: negative attacks on RINOs worked during the primaries but probably will not fare so well in the general election.
“RINO” Republicans that were bullied and constantly attacked as not being real Republicans will not easily forget the treatment that they received.

Our political world will change once 5-7 independent senators are elected to the Senate.

Demographics are working against an increasingly older Republican party. Several reliable Republican states — Arizona and Texas — no longer will have white majority populations after 2014, making it very difficult for Republicans to continue to carry these very important states and to win as a national party.

With just a few independents controlling the balance of power during the next 2-6 years then the Republicans will have wasted an immense opportunity to reach out to Americans and to grow their base beyond what it looks like today. Most of these independents will be former Republicans.

From Politico:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Republican nominee Joe Miller are in a dead heat, according to the latest poll out of the Alaska Senate race.

Miller still leads the field with 35 percent of the vote, but Murkowski received 33 percent for her write-in bid — just inside the poll’s 2.4-point margin of error.

Democrat Scott McAdams was favored by 26 percent of the voters, among 1,678 likely voters, according to the Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.

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