‘Pre-crime’ Comes to the HR Department

From Datamation:

In the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report, police belonging to a
special Pre-crime unit arrest people for crimes they would do in the
future. It’s science fiction, and it will probably never happen in our

However, the pre-crime concept is coming very soon to the world of
Human Resources (HR) and employee management.

A Santa Barbara, Calif., startup called Social Intelligence data-mines
the social networks to help companies decide if they really want to
hire you.

While background checks, which mainly look for a criminal record, and
even credit checks have become more common, Social Intelligence is the
first company that I’m aware of that systematically trolls social
networks for evidence of bad character.

READ STORY http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/features/article.php/3905931/Pre-crime-Comes…


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