TECHNOLOGY | China is on path to ‘militarization of space’; Space will belong to China, India and Japan

Compared with the American and Soviet mad dashes into space in the
late 1950s and ’60s, Asia is taking its time – running a marathon, not
a sprint.

“All of these countries witnessed the cold war, and what led to the
destruction of the USSR,” says Ajey Lele, an expert on Asian space
programs at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis in New
Delhi, referring to the military and space spending that helped hasten
the decline of the Soviet regime. “They understand the value of money
and investment, and they are going as per the pace which they can go.”
But he acknowledged China’s edge over India. “They started earlier,
and they’re ahead of us at this time,” he says.

China is a nose ahead of its Asian rivals with similar lunar ambitions
– India and Japan – and signal a challenge to the American
post-cold-war domination in space.



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