Earmark ban: Common sense budget reform or ‘tremendous step backwards’?

Those politicos that wish to show ‘fiscal responsibility’ make a good
start by personally endorsing and refraining from earmarks.

On the other hand, earmarks are Congress’ constitutional right and
authority. Smaller states especially could be harmed by an earmark
ban; that smaller state could be a geographically large state like
Wyoming with only a single congressional representative or a small
state with a small population like Hawaii — the point being that
these states have little chance of competing with larger states for
any share of the budgetary pie except for earmarked allocation of

Congress is right to defend its constitutional power. Banning earmarks
gives all actual spending authority to the president and to agencies
that report to the president.

The greatest honor comes from those congressional representatives that
personally refrain from asking for and accepting earmarks.

READ STORY: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2010/1116/Earmark-ban-Common-sense-budg…


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