Are you listening to what you say?

Democrats are not socialists, marxists or communists. Maybe a few exist.

Republicans are not facists, racists or nazis. Maybe a few exist.

America has real issues. Can you think of a few solutions without
using adjectives?

During the recent election I attended several debates. One of my
favorite moments was when a congressional candidate was asked about
jobs creation: ‘Good question. Thank you. I want you to know that I
have a 7 point plan to create jobs. But let me tell you about my
opponent …’

We never learned what any of the 7 points in their job plan was. I’m
not sure even they knew. Thankfully that person lost.

Demonizing your opponent does nothing but lower my respect for you.

Demonizing your opponent is self-defeating. You begin to believe your
own ‘big lie’ … and soon enough you’ll believe anything … with
appropriate wording.

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One response to “Are you listening to what you say?

  1. you should send this to O’Reilly, Olbermann, Hannity, and a few others who prefer to substitute invective for reason

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