Debt & Deficit | 3 Different Plans Begin To Attract Consensus

Support for Debt & Deficit Reform is beginning to coalesce around
three different plans.

If you didn’t like ‘Bowles-Simpson’ then you certainly won’t like the
other two which are much more aggressive: ‘Rivlin-Domenici’ and

All involve some level of pain.

Good news: the pain is shared: Don’t like social programs? Hack and
slash time! Don’t like defense programs? Hack and slash time!

Good news for Republicans & allies: None of these three emerging plans
involve Republicans per se. So you can just sit back and view the
debate and determine which groups will scream the loudest once you get
your chance to hack and slash in January 2011.

Bad news for Republicans & allies: These folks have already identified
the billpayers for you. There is mostly only beef from slaughtered
sacred cows — the pigs are busy laughing because no one could really
find the hidden pork. Although to some people one person’s sacred cow
often seem to look a lot like pork when it comes to dinner time.

View Plans:…

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